I am so happy to announce that my first recording session as a leader is ON for February 1-3 in the Sun (STC) Studio in Nordvest Copenhagen. The project is a jazz/country crossover record with all original tunes and lyrics. It will feature Mads Hyhne (trombone), Emanuele Maniscalco (piano), Rune Kjeldsen (lap steel), Nicolai Munch-Hansen (bass), and Jakob Høyer (drums), as well as Kira Skov, Marie Fisker and Jacob Bellens on vocals. STUNT RECORDS is releasing it here and Sundance Music is distributing it worldwide with a tentative release date of March 31st. We are so excited to record and get this music out to you! 

Happy 2014!

Happy 2014, everyone! Lots of exciting stuff to come… Please check my list of Performances and/or keep up with me on Facebook to hear all the great stuff I’m doing! Peace and Love to One and All