The days in the studio were divine and we have great takes of all the songs! I just have to do some editing and then we’re ready to mix and get this out to your ears… It’s a beautiful blend of material and personalities.

I played some great concerts during the Vinterjazz Festival here in Copenhagen – first with Maria Faust’s Sacrum Facere (whose new recording is coming out sometime this spring, as well), and then with The Homies at one of the coolest venues in the world: 5e. Maria’s new project is an amazing song cycle of 7 pieces, written for brass trio, woodwind trio, prepared piano and kannel (an Estonian folk instrument that is plucked… like a harp that sits like a table over the player’s legs while sitting). The Homies did their thing to a very appreciative audience and we got a great bootleg recording out of it.

More soon…