Mixing my record on the 2nd and 3rd of April! Here we go! Release hopefully later in the month…

Lots of great stuff happening all over – we played a great mini tour of Aarhus-Cph with The Homies featuring Mr. Oliver Hoiness on guitar. The Cph date was at Mayhem in Nordvest and was a triple thrill-bill with The Gun and Menthol who killed it. Thanks to everyone who came out.

April brings me to Tallinn to play with Maria Faust’s new project “Sacrum Facere” – a deeply beautiful chamber jazz project with no bass or drums. Instead, there’s a brass trio, woodwind trio, prepared piano, and an Estonian folk instrument called a Kannel. The record is out in mid/late April and everyone should experience it. The night after we play, I’m back in Cph with some long time musical associates in the form of Phoenix City! Mads Hyhne, Nils Bo Davidsen, and Peter Ole Jørgensen will help me melt what’s left after Anja Jacobsen hits at Huset.

It’s getting brighter! Can you feel it?