Just got back from the States where I had the honor of being a groomsman at my brother’s wedding! While there, I also got to reconnect with lots of friends and family for the first time since June of last year (even longer for some). On a more somber note, we had a 30th birthday celebration for a very dear friend who passed away earlier this year. It was a moving experience and a celebration of a life lost way too soon.

Got to play some great tunes with Sam Barsh, Ryan Blotnick, and Will Jones one night, and played a gig with my Spent All The Money tunes at the great Lompoc Café with Maria Faust, Ryan Blotnick, Ross Gallagher, and Mike Bennett. It was a pleasure to play for a hometown crowd!

I’m playing a few times in October with some great groups – hope to see you there!

October 14: Jakob Bro, NF, Jakob Dinesen, AC, Anders Mathiasen (live at Paradise in Huset, 9pm)

October 18: THE LYING KINGS: NF, Nicolai Munch-Hansen, Jacob Funch, Silas Tinglef (Huset, 1st floor, 9pm)

October 24: Kresten Osgood, NF, Fred Lonberg Holm, Ståle Solber (Christianias Børneteatret, midnight)

October 25: Cancer Benefit with Kira Skov/Nicolai Munch-Hansen/Rune Funch

October 30: THE CABIN PROJECT (Louisiana Art Museum, Humlebæk)

October 31: THE CABIN PROJECT (Gimle, Roskilde)