HAPPY 2015!!!

I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy in 2015! It’s been a minute since my last post, which means things have been busy… and I’m glad to say it’s been the “good” kind of busy.

January has me playing 9 concerts with the great Jacob Bellens, all over Denmark. The band is JB on keys and vocals, Manoj Ramdas on guitar, Nils Gröndahl on violin and effects, me on midi keys and flute, Jakob Falgren on bass, and Jakob Høyer on drums. Check out the “Performances” page for more details on the concerts.

February brings with it the Vinterjazz Festival and lots of different things, including some gigs with The Cabin Project, Rune Funch’s Picture Music, and MY BAND from my CD. I’ll also be in Jylland teaching at a “Project Week” that all the Conservatories from that part of Denmark participate in. Finally, to end the month, Maria Faust and I will be honored in joining the President of Estonia for Estonia’s Independence Day Celebration. Woah!

Hope to see you at one of the many upcoming performances!

Peace and Love,

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