Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2015!

this will be my 14th Copenhagen Jazz Festival in this wonderful city I call my home! check out the “Performances” page for a full list of all my concerts this year – and be sure to check again as there will inevitably be changes.

some highlights: Jakob Bro’s tribute to the late great Paul Motain at Jazzhouse on Saturday (featuring JB, NF, AC, Skuli Sverrisson & Jorge Rossi), 2 gigs with The Homies (one featuring Maria Faust!), gigs with Maria Faust’s Sacrum Facere and Jazz Catastrophe, a few trio/quartet hits with Mads Hyhne, Nicolai Munch-Hansen & Jakob Høyer (including 2 SPECIAL EDITION AFTERNOON CONCERTS AT THE BEST WINE SHOP IN CPH: SKÅL!), one outdoor concert with The Cabin Project, a Solo Saxophone set, a couple gigs with Taus Bregnhøj-Olesen, Thomas Morgan & Oliver Laumann, and lots more!

really hope to see you around these days and nights! all the love ❤

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