Italy 2017

NF:EM Italian Tour 2017



Ned Ferm /Emanuele Maniscalco 2017 ITALIAN TOUR

5th – Bicio’s Expert Mixologist – Rezzato (Brescia) – trio with Giulio Corini (bass)

7th – Notte Bianca della cultura – Ex-chiesa di San Zanino – Brescia – Tivoli of the Mind (duo)

8th – Libreria Cardano – Pavia – Tivoli of the Mind (duo)

10th – Steakhouse La Movida – Rezzato (Brescia) – quartet with Simone Massaron (guitar) and Giulio Corini (bass)

In The Beginning release concert/event tonight in Vor Frelsers Kirke!

And the day of the Release Concert is upon us! We are looking so much forward to filling Vor Frelsers Kirke up to the steeple with music and people this evening!
The concert is SOLD OUT – which means that if you haven’t already either purchased a ticket OR heard from us directly confirming your name on the guest list by now, you’ll have to wait until next time to hear us live.
We want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed time, energy, patience, and funding to this incredible project. We can’t thank you enough!
See you tonight at 8!
Kira & Maria,
the Band,
the Choir,
and the Crew

No Def

I am now the proud creator of my own international multimedia firm “No Def” which focuses on instrumental/vocal music creation & production, video shorts/teasers/trailers, poster and record cover design, website/blog building and maintenance, and text editing/translations. More info soon!