Lots of delays and rescheduling entering YEAR 2 of the plague

Tons of great live action coming everyone’s way once the weather gets warmer and more people are vaccinated!

I’ll start recording my new folk/country album this spring for a fall release – some great new songs to share with you all since the release of SPENT ALL THE MONEY! Stay tuned…

We’ve lost so many wonderful people recently, among them my beloved Mother, Ninette. She passed away very suddenly at the end of September 2020. It was a year of serious tests and challenges, including her passing, the loss of several other friends in various parts of the world, loss of income and resources and creative outlets due to the plague, a broken arm that didn’t heal – resulting in surgery and rehab, crippling anxiety regarding the state of the States, and too many other challenges to mention here. When it rains, it pours, and that was a typhoon and tsunami of trouble, evil, and awfulness. I have survived it thus far and am stronger and more hopeful than ever for this year and the future.

I’m greatly looking forward to getting back to Maine to see my family this fall, to celebrate my Mom’s life with them in person and hopefully exchange some of the hugs we and so many others took for granted before seemingly every single thing in the world went sideways.

It can always get worse! But at some point it has to swing the other way. I hope that shift has begun now. There are signs of hope, and rather than dwell too long or hard on them, I’m trying to get as much good work done on myself and for the world as I can in a period of opportunity/crisitunity. Let’s go!



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