first reviews of HEART IN HAND are in!


9/10: music; 9/10: sound

“The impressionistic exuberance of these compositions and the epic breadth of their implementation are just as captivating as the collective search for sound by the extremely symbiotic quartet.”

Wolf Kampmann, STEREOPLAY magazine

“This is a stunning record, which I know a lot of work has gone into. It’s work that has certainly paid off, resulting in an album that’s this good. The musicians invite you into a playful, floating game, and we get absolutely beautiful music… A wonderful release!”

Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts

Saxophonist Ned Ferm and drummer Kenny Wollesen combine tradition and avant-garde in a beautiful way… At its core, this is free jazz, but the multi-instrumentalists have added additional layers with individual piano tones, vibraphone lines, and percussion. The result is an open form of fusion. 

-RALF STIFTEL, Westfaelischer Anzeiger, Hamm

(featured in Le Monde’s weekly album selection)

With melodies that share a common thread of clear writing, the album Heart in Hand, recorded by a quartet led by Kenny Wollesen and Ned Fern, leads into a series of tranquil musical landscapes… All mindful of the sound of the ensemble, to create subtle links, playing between jazz improvisation and composition… From the whole emerges a constant charm, a musician’s invitation to the imagination.

-Sylvain Siclier, Le Monde

“From the opening track Sonny Boy we are bathed in a hovering atmosphere. Jazz here has ethereal colors between psychedelic and ambient music. The album is an excursion into changing musical territory through the inventive interludes of these folk-inspired compositions.”

Jean-Francois Convert, textes-blog-rock-n-roll


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