Happy 2016, everyone!

Got way, way, waaaaaaay behind here on, whoops… I love wordpress but don’t have the same day to day relationship with it that I do with facebook, for example… So please befriend and/or follow me on FB to stay better up to date on what’s happening in music and life.

Anyway, lots of exciting action later this month and through february – please check my list of performances for details on who, where, and when.

I also have an exciting endorsement/sponsorship opportunity that is becoming real but I’ll wait for the boss to announce it. Very proud and honored to be a part of it!

Love from Copenhagen

Heading to Maine & NYC!

Details to be released shortly, but I’ll be playing at least 4 gigs in Maine and 1 in NYC with an incredible blend of musicians (with a special focus on people born in Vacationland)! I’ll be in the States from about the 16th of September until the 12th of October, and will be doing a MDI-NYC-MDI tour.

Stay tuned…

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2015!

this will be my 14th Copenhagen Jazz Festival in this wonderful city I call my home! check out the “Performances” page for a full list of all my concerts this year – and be sure to check again as there will inevitably be changes.

some highlights: Jakob Bro’s tribute to the late great Paul Motain at Jazzhouse on Saturday (featuring JB, NF, AC, Skuli Sverrisson & Jorge Rossi), 2 gigs with The Homies (one featuring Maria Faust!), gigs with Maria Faust’s Sacrum Facere and Jazz Catastrophe, a few trio/quartet hits with Mads Hyhne, Nicolai Munch-Hansen & Jakob Høyer (including 2 SPECIAL EDITION AFTERNOON CONCERTS AT THE BEST WINE SHOP IN CPH: SKÅL!), one outdoor concert with The Cabin Project, a Solo Saxophone set, a couple gigs with Taus Bregnhøj-Olesen, Thomas Morgan & Oliver Laumann, and lots more!

really hope to see you around these days and nights! all the love ❤

HAPPY 2015!!!

I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy in 2015! It’s been a minute since my last post, which means things have been busy… and I’m glad to say it’s been the “good” kind of busy.

January has me playing 9 concerts with the great Jacob Bellens, all over Denmark. The band is JB on keys and vocals, Manoj Ramdas on guitar, Nils Gröndahl on violin and effects, me on midi keys and flute, Jakob Falgren on bass, and Jakob Høyer on drums. Check out the “Performances” page for more details on the concerts.

February brings with it the Vinterjazz Festival and lots of different things, including some gigs with The Cabin Project, Rune Funch’s Picture Music, and MY BAND from my CD. I’ll also be in Jylland teaching at a “Project Week” that all the Conservatories from that part of Denmark participate in. Finally, to end the month, Maria Faust and I will be honored in joining the President of Estonia for Estonia’s Independence Day Celebration. Woah!

Hope to see you at one of the many upcoming performances!

Peace and Love,


Just got back from the States where I had the honor of being a groomsman at my brother’s wedding! While there, I also got to reconnect with lots of friends and family for the first time since June of last year (even longer for some). On a more somber note, we had a 30th birthday celebration for a very dear friend who passed away earlier this year. It was a moving experience and a celebration of a life lost way too soon.

Got to play some great tunes with Sam Barsh, Ryan Blotnick, and Will Jones one night, and played a gig with my Spent All The Money tunes at the great Lompoc Café with Maria Faust, Ryan Blotnick, Ross Gallagher, and Mike Bennett. It was a pleasure to play for a hometown crowd!

I’m playing a few times in October with some great groups – hope to see you there!

October 14: Jakob Bro, NF, Jakob Dinesen, AC, Anders Mathiasen (live at Paradise in Huset, 9pm)

October 18: THE LYING KINGS: NF, Nicolai Munch-Hansen, Jacob Funch, Silas Tinglef (Huset, 1st floor, 9pm)

October 24: Kresten Osgood, NF, Fred Lonberg Holm, Ståle Solber (Christianias Børneteatret, midnight)

October 25: Cancer Benefit with Kira Skov/Nicolai Munch-Hansen/Rune Funch

October 30: THE CABIN PROJECT (Louisiana Art Museum, Humlebæk)

October 31: THE CABIN PROJECT (Gimle, Roskilde)

August & September

August has been crazy beautiful and September takes everything up a notch!

My first review from my record from the music magazine Gaffa (5/6 stars!):

We’ll play with my SPENT ALL THE MONEY band at the Dome Of Visions (next to the “Black Diamond” library in Copenhagen on Thursday, August 28th. It’s part of their “Dusk till Dark” concert series and will feature the full lineup from the album (with Oliver Hoiness subbing for Rune Kjeldsen on guitar). Please come if you’re in town! It’s our last scheduled show until 2015.

September brings us to the long awaited release of THE CABIN PROJECT (Kira Skov, Marie Fisker, Oliver Hoiness & myself) on Stunt Records. We made this little masterpiece in a cabin in the Canadian wilderness with the master himself, Mark Howard at the reins. We’re playing in Denmark, Germany, Holland, and Belgium this time around, with several lecture type talks in between concerts.

RUNE FUNCH‘s “Picture Music” record comes out on September 9th (on Lars Von Trier’s ZENTROPA!) and we’re having a little party at Kind Of Blue that night. Come along and celebrate with us!

The next night (September 10th), we debut a new band at the Mojo Blues Bar in Copenhagen: THE LYING KINGS. This project was created by Nicolai Munch-Hansen and I to showcase our own songs and some covers in the same folk/blues/country direction, and we are honored to have Silas Tinglef and Jacob Funch join us this evening. 3 sets of glory.

Later in September, we’re going into the studio (or maybe a church) to record with THE HOMIES with the great Mark Howard. Can’t wait to do this!!! Our first cassette tape “Live From Click!” is due out later this Fall and the new recording will be released in the Spring, both on ESCHO.

Peace and Love,


July 4:
22.30 Sacrum Facere (Maria Faust) @ Christianshavns Bebeorhus

July 5:
19.30 w/Faust/Pedersen @ Open Space (Peter Skrams Gade)
23.00 w/Vincentz/Schuller/Osgood @ Mayhem

July 6:
16.30 w/Osgood/Quinteros/Cardinaux/Schuller @ 5e
18.00 w/The Homies (Skovbakke/Kielsgaard) @ 5e
19.30 w/Kira Skov @ Sølyst

July 7:
14.00 w/Hyhne/Munch/Høyer @ Bådudelejning
23.00 w/Phoenix City (Hyhne/Bosse/P.O.) @ 5e

July 8:
12.00 w/Hyhne/Munch/Høyer @ Bådudelejning
15.00 w/Rune Funch @ Cava Bar
22.00 w/Bosse/Tyshawn Sorey @ Koncertkirken

July 9:
12.00 w/Hyhne/Munch/Høyer @ Bådudelejning
14.00 w/Homies @ Papirøen
20.00 w/Rune Funch @ Literaturhus

July 10:
16.30 w/Nørgaard/Kielsgaard @ Den Vandrette

July 11:
21.00 w/MY BAND @ Huset

July 12:
22.00 w/Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe @ Beboerhus
midnight: w/Kresten & guests @ Børneteatret

July 13:
14.00 w/Hyhne/Kjeldsen/Munch-Hansen/Høyer) @ Papirøen
23.00 w/Hyhne/Munch/Høyer @ Børneteatret